Cheyenne´s grip, that´s what our hearts beat for

Cheyenne reached deeply into the box of tricks, the outcome is a brilliant grip. The needle depth is adjustable very quickly; furthermore it is lightweight and very flexible, it is robust and resistant to wear. You can get it in two different sizes.

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Get the Grip!

The multi-compatible grip by Cheyenne. An ergonomically first-class flyweight, adaptable to all HAWK motors.

Our grip is in your hand. Not the other way around!

Cheyenne knows about the diversity of tattoo artists. That´s why we produce different sizes for different hands.

Choose between a small and big grip for any hand size.

A further feature is the immediate adjustment of the needle depth. This way you do not have to interrupt the work process, it allows you to keep on working concentrated and time-saving. 

Cheyenne´s grip

  • available in two sizes
  • leightweight
  • fast and simple adjustment of needle depth
  • compatible with all HAWK motors

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