The Cheyenne HAWK spirit. With heart and full of soul.

The HAWK spirit, Cheyenne got the best out of the HAWK machine and mastered technical challenges brilliantly.

The result: A precision machine “made in Germany”. 

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Cheyenne´s grip, that´s what our hearts beat for

Cheyenne reached deeply into the box of tricks, the outcome is a brilliant grip. The needle depth is adjustable very quickly; furthermore it is lightweight and very flexible, it is robust and resistant to wear. You can get it in two different sizes.

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Full of varieties

The color edition, especially developed for the HAWK spirit machine, brings a splash of color to things.

We call it a nice extra for all kinds of individual tastes. The HAWK spirit color edition is available in red, silver, blue and orange.

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Safety first – Innovation is king

The Cheyenne cartridge systems ensure sophisticated technology made in Germany. Unique in design and function. Only Cheyenne can do this – it´s the original.

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Power Unit II – concentrated power for two

Small, light and digital. What more do you need?

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HAWK spirit

Stronger, even more versatile and flexible. With heart and soul HAWK spirit. All made in Germany.


Strong, robust and multitasking. The original by Cheyenne.


Cheyenne cartridges are safe, first class and reliable. Anything else is fake.