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Technology, quality, precision.

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment is the original. Made in Germany. And this you can see.


About Cheyenne

Quality on the highest level

MT.DERM GmbH is a traditional medium-sized family business in Berlin. Long experience in the manufacturing of very precise devices in medical technology and optical business guarantees the optimal manufacturing of all Cheyenne devices. All Cheyenne products are being manufactured with the latest multitool CNC machines. After mounting, every device is subject to a strict quality control.

Professional products for pros

Modern CAD systems are used for the construction of the CHEYENNE machines. In close corporation with tattoo artists and with numerous testings, an application-oriented development of the CHEYENNE products can be guaranteed. Before starting the mass production, our devices have extensive testing with various prototypes by tattoo artists successfully behind them and were checked with painstaking care.